Antikbilklubben 50 år

1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Sunliner

Status Quo - Gotta Go Home - 1970

Status Quo - Big Fat Mama - Live at Wembley 1974

1954 Chevrolet år 1956

Tack till Janne som skickat bilden av sin fars, numera undertecknads, Chevrolet 1954 !

Bilden är tagen i trakten av Tärnaby år 1956.

Fler Chevabilder här: 


Hot Rod Show 1977

Tack till Håkan som lånat ut bilderna från Hot Rod Show 1977 !

Jag har uppskattat årtalet efter vilka bilar som var med i motortidningarna det året, alla bilderna går att hitta här:

eller bildspel här:

1932 Ford - The Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe

Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode 2008

Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode 1958

1942 Oldsmobile

En av de mer udda modellerna av Oldsmobile finns nu till salu på ebay:

( bild från: )

Nedanståeende text är kopierad från Hemmings Motor News:

Contrary to popular belief, the B-44 badges found on the grilles of 1942 Oldsmobiles are not a reference to model designations. Every Oldsmobile that left the assembly line, whether it is our featured Special 66, or a Custom Cruiser 98, all carried the B-44 emblem.

In the midst of a war raging throughout the rest of the world, Oldsmobile was celebrating their 44th year in the automobile industry. Part of the sales gimmick utilized to promote their even-numbered anniversary was the use of the B-44 badge; the "B" quite literally meant to indicate "Even Better looking, even Better lasting, even Better built than any Oldsmobile in 44 years!" in their advertising.


On August 29, 1941, Oldsmobile's year kicked off as it usually had, this time knowing in advance that model-year production figures would be reduced considerably, thanks to mandates set forth by the War Production Board. In fact, all manufacturers cut their projected production totals to half those of the previous model year; the attack on Pearl Harbor slashed that number even more.

The new editions arrived from the assembly line featuring a "double-duty," two-tier grille bisected by a substantial horizontal bar, a dramatic facelift from the previous year. Continuing with the patriotic theme of the day, the Oldsmobiles also carried "Fuselage Fenders," described as "pontoon" type, that extended and faired well into the front doors, supported by a "dreadnought" frame to fit three different wheelbases. The Special 60 chassis is the shortest of the three offered in 1942, with a wheelbase of 119 inches, while the Dynamic 70 sits at 125 and the Custom Cruiser 90 is the longest at 127. Fastback body styles were now available in all three series, and the headlamps were relocated more towards the "outboard" position on the fenders.

Focusing attention on our featured Special 66, it should be said that a Special 68 was also available in 1942, the most significant feature that differentiates the two being solely the engine offering; this was also the case for the 70 series. The 66 translates to 60 series with a six-cylinder powerplant; a switch of the last digit indicates an eight-cylinder.

The L-head straight-six is a cast-iron engine featuring a 3.5 x 4.125-inch bore and stroke, 6.5:1 compression ratio and single downdraft carburetor that produces 100hp at 3,200 rpm. This equates to .42hp per cubic inch--not exactly material for a land-speed record by any means, considering the lightest model weighed in at just under 3,400 pounds.

Power is transferred from forward to aft compliments of two means, the standard being the manual synchromesh transmission with three forward speeds. If a buyer was willing to fork over an extra Ben Franklin--or less--a four-speed Hydra-Matic automatic would be substituted. Introduced with the 1940 models, the Hydra-Matic eliminated the clutch pedal altogether for a truly automatic transmission. According to the folks at Oldsmobile, the Hydra-Matic allowed for 10-15 percent increase in fuel mileage, thanks to the use of a 3.63:1 rear axle ratio versus the 4.30:1 used with the manual transmission. An interesting side note: A GM test in 36 cities used a device called the "Effort-meter" to physically count clutch pushing and gearshift motion, revealing an average of 419 operating motions per hour of city driving that the Hydra-Matic could eliminate.

Thanks to material restrictions as war loomed ever closer, later models featured only chrome bumpers, while the rest of the trim left the factories painted instead of plated. On February 5, the Oldsmobile assembly line finally came to a halt (Hemmings Classic Car #17). The Club Coupe was offered only in the 60 series, predominantly carrying the straight-six to the tune of 3,803 units compared to the 477 straight-eight units. As well as it sold during the limited run, it was far from the most popular. Today, most 1942 models are generally considered rare, particularly given the fact that pre-war autos were kept in service longer than normal, using worn-out equipment, thanks to the lack of new cars and parts. The question remains as to just how many survived.

This article originally appeared in the JANUARY 1, 2007 issue of Hemmings Motor News

Kopierat från:

Vill du lära dig mera om bilmärket Oldsmobile så finns ett bra forum här:

Fotomodellen Tant Grön

Min gröna "Bonn-Cadillac" fortsätter dyka upp på diverse hemsidor, denna har jag hittat här:


Fotnot: "Cowboy-Cadillac" var egentligen ett uttryck som användes i USA när bonnpojkarna bytt ut sina hästar mot Chevapickuper.

På tal om att använda sina bilar i jordbruket så berättade sonen till den förste ägaren av den blå Chevan att den vid något tillfälle använts som kreaturstransport (!) när man tog bort baksätet och lade en presenning på golvet och fraktade kalvar i den :-)

Även den gröna har väl vid något tillfälle tjänstgjort som kreatustranportör när besättningen bestått av fyllesvin  LOL

Ulf Ontofts Hjulklapp

Grattis Ulf som fått hem drömbilen ,efter 37 års drömmande :-)

Mer info här:


(bild från: )

Gammal bekant till salu, 1970 Hemi Challenger

1983 så besökte jag Power-Big Meet i Norrköping med min Dodge och vi parkerade bakom en likadan.

När ägaren till den öppnade motorhuven så sade jag "jasså, du har lagt i en Hemi" ?

"Nja lagt i, den är original och har suttit där hela tiden" blev svaret och det gick även att läsa ut av vinnumret som var JS27R0B-171715 ( J=Challenger S=R/T 27=Convertible R=426 Hemi 0=Hemi B=Hamtramck )

Det byggdes 9 st. 1970 Challenger R/T Convertible med 426:an, 4 automater och 5 manuella.

Ägaren ville sälja den för ett belopp som motsvarde vad man fick ge för 3 st. vanliga Dodge Challenger cabbar så den låg lite över vad man hade råd med :-)

Efter ett par ägare till i Sverige och en i England så exporterades den sedan tillbaka till USA och är nu till salu igen här:


(bild från: )

Torsdagsträff i Nykvarnsparken, Linköping, Sept. -10

Filmat av Paola Svensson

God Fortsättning !

Chevabild hittad på: 

Foto: Lars Brandow

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