The Last Hemicuda

(kopierat från auktionssajten nedan)

All good things come to an end, and the Hemi Cuda was certainly a Good Thing while it lasted. An $884 option, the 426-powered ‘Cuda came equipped with a functional Shaker hood scoop, heavy duty suspension and brakes, a special automatic or manual transmission and a strong Dana 60 rear end. The engine transformed the ‘Cuda from one of several hot pony cars offered by Detroit into the most extreme musclecar of all. A 440 ‘Cuda could stay with its Hemi counterpart until about 70 MPH; after that, the Hemi was in its own world.

A rare specimen right from the start, by its second and last year of production only 108 Hemi-equipped hardtops and seven convertibles rolled off the assembly line. This particular car is the last of that line, carrying the highest serial number listed in the Chrysler Registry.

Unrestored except for a single repaint in its original True Blue Poly, this 1971 ‘Cuda is a low-mileage example of uncommon originality. The exterior features the standard-equipment Shaker hood with hood pins, chrome rocker moldings, fender vent trim, a color-keyed grille and ‘Cuda badges. Fifteen-inch Goodyear Polyglas tires on black steel wheels with dog-dish caps lend an air of edginess to its appearance.

The Black interior is nicely equipped without being too lavish. A wood-rimmed 3 spoke Rim Blow steering wheel and floor-mounted Hurst Pistol Grip shifter are augmented by a Rallye gauge pack and leather bucket seats.

Documented with the build sheet and a Galen Govier report, this unique car is listed in the Chrysler Registry as the last known Hemi ‘Cuda produced.


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