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1932 Ford Roadster, model 18.  I was driving with a friend driving around town looking at old cars when Delmar mentioned that he knew of a one owner car that has been sitting in a shop since 1951. The owner was a pilot for the Airforce and left the car when he had to leave town in 51 for the Airforce. We drove down to Jim's place and ask to see the car. Jim, the owner was there, so we ask him for permission to look at his car. Jim agreed to let us look at the car and proceeded to open the shop door, walked in the shop and told us to follow him. Jim took us over to a area behind a large nut and bolt bin that was next to the stairs leading up to the attick. Tucked behind the bolt bin and behind a make shift wall was the 32 with fifty years of dust sitting on the car. I was so amazed to see this car, I could hardly believe a car like this could have been sitting around in this condition for so long with out being put on the road. I ask Jim if the car could be purchased, he told me, NO. As Jim proceeded to tell me that he had courted his wife while going to college here in Billings and that this car had been purchased new here in Billings from the local Ford dealership before it was called Archie Cochrane Ford. I was finally able to purchase this car after years of asking along with many other offers from several other individuals. In 1951, this car had 28830 origonal miles and now had 30218 after it had been totally restored and customized in 1951, with a larger block, 41 hydrolic brakes, overdrive, lowered front axle with airbags and shocks to accomidate the springs. Jim stated that he wanted to drive this car 100 miles an hour. The car had been sitting for over fifty years and had one flat tire. Attached is a photo of the car after Jim took the car out from behind the bin and washed the car

Postat av: Cissi

Hur är det med dig idag då sötis? :)

2010-10-17 @ 15:56:57
Postat av: luffi


Haft en bra vecka!? Kramar lilla Luffi

2010-10-17 @ 16:47:54

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